TheColorGrey a.k.a. Grey is a singer/rapper/songwriter/producer of Belgian-Congolese origin currently living in his hometown Antwerp. Already as a kid he started rapping and revealed early skills in writing lyrics and making beats. 

In march 2016, after years of perfecting himself, Grey dropped the heartfelt track 'Something real' on the internet, immediately followed by the also self produced EP ‘Do The Right Thing’. The creative outburst drew strong attention of urban music lovers, blogs, label reps and radio promotors. The single ‘Sins’ was picked up by radio stations like Bruzz and Studio Brussels, while the European music discovery platform 22Tracks featured the song as 'most trending track’ for weeks.

The eye-catching videoclip for 'Sins', shot by the young talented director Anthony Nti, received high praise as well. Furthermore the 'Do The Right Thing' EP features the inspired Michael Jackson homage 'Watch Yo Back (ft. Woodie Smalls)' and the moving 'Dominoes' in which Grey offers strikingly candid insights.  

In the summer of 2016 Grey founded his own Corner Vibes label and signed a licensing deal with Warner Music Benelux. 
‘Silence Speaks’ became the first single to be released on Corner Vibes on November 4, 2016.  

Subsequently in 2017 TheColorGrey released two more singles, 'Thin lines' and 'Someday (ft. Oddisee)', the latter a remarkable collaboration with Washington DC rapper and producer Oddisee.

TheColorGrey's first album 'REBELATION' was released on the 5th of May 2017. The album features the 3 previous released singles plus 10 new tracks, among them ‘Fixed (ft. Darrell Cole)’, a collaboration with fellow Antwerp MC Darrell Cole. The songs on REBELATION express a wide range of personal moods, feelings and reflections, with the deeply emotional album-opener 'Don't wonder' on one side of the spectrum and new single 'Need to know' the complete opposite. This sunny feel-good track reveals even an unprecedented light-hearted side of Grey.

The funny retro videoclip for 'Need to know' - the third consecutive collaboration between Grey and director Anthony Nti -was premiered on the website of the prominent flemish journal 'De Morgen' which also praised the album in a lengthy 4 star review.  

REBELATION is available both on CD and online on all digital streaming and download platforms.
Click here to download or stream the album:

Grey's English raps combine a tight flow with smooth, laidback vibes, soulful beats and thoughtful lyrics. His self-produced music is a very personal blend of hip hop, new soul, blue jazz, cool r&b and urban pop, with touching melodies that often harbor slightly dark or melancholic undertones.  

Live on stage TheColorGrey performs accompanied by his homies Niel Soetaert on electric guitar and DJ Danga.
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Tour dates

MOMU (10 Year Avenue Store event)
Antwerpen (BE)
Couleur Café festival (Niveau4)
Brussels (BE)
Copacobana festival
Gent (BE)
Les Ardentes festival
Liege (BE)
OLT Rivierenhof (support 4 Mos Def)
Antwerpen (BE)
Gent (BE)
Brussel Brost festival
Brussel (BE)
cc Ter Vesten (Tournée Générale event)
Beveren-Waas (BE)